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SiChuan BestLeader Automotive Parts Co , . Ltd . is a key enterprise invested in the post-disaster reconstruction of the city. The company was founded in 2009 and the company occupies about 20 mu of land and has a construction area of ​​about 8,000 square meters. In 2015, the new factory covers an area of ​​40 mu , Construction area of ​​18,000 square meters, two new automatic coating line.

The company integrates product development, manufacturing and sales integration services。 It follows the requirements of ISO / TS16949: 2009 product development process, especially APQP, FMEA and PPAP。 ​​In order to design and develop the product design and development of APQP, process design and development, product And the process to confirm the characteristics and requirements of these three stages, to achieve the company's technology center, customer R & D institutions and customer technology centralized provides a network communication, condition generation, data management, document signing of the technical documents platform, and its Control, build a modern automated office platform。

北京赛车PK10开奖直播历史记录 Quality is the "Bai Lide" people eternal pursuit of the theme, the company in accordance with relevant international and national standards into the physical and chemical laboratories, the laboratory has controllable salt spray test machine, film thickness, chemical composition analyzer, water resistance tester , High and low temperature experimental instrument, vibration tester, hernia aging tester and other advanced testing, testing equipment, the company together Southwest University of Science and Technology, Mianyang City, Quality and Technical Supervision and other national laboratories established business contacts, technical guidance, To ensure that products from research and development to product quality assurance after the company uphold: "people-oriented, quality win, Germany with industry" business philosophy, in order to ensure the consistency of the production process, stability, the company introduced a modern automatic painting production line, Cutting production and production line, and in the production and operation of the site strictly use the scene "6S" standardized operations, lean production management system to ensure that customer orders within the required time to complete the delivery of quality and quantity, and in the Continuous improvement in the process to enhance customer demand。

Company Profile

SiChuan BestLeader Automotive Parts Co , 。 Ltd 。

Address:Deyang, Sichuan Luojiang middle Jinshan Industrial Park, Guangming Road




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