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About us

Development path

2016 years

The company eliminated the original ordinary machine equipment, the use of domestic advanced CNC instead of the original ordinary drilling and milling machine, the annual production capacity is increased to 100 million units, 2016 annual output value of 102 million yuan。

2015 years

Company in Jinshan Industrial Park Hongyu Road, the second phase of the new plant, a new automatic aluminum coating line, and a fully automatic plastic spraying line, we painted the area cleanliness of 50,000.

2014 years

The company moved from Mianyang to Deyang Jinshan Industrial Park, fixed assets investment increased to 20 million yuan, the annual sales exceeded 500,000 sets

2013 years

Product sales increased again, the quality assurance capabilities to further improve the customer back PPM less than 50, in a number of OEMs exclusive supply

2012 years

北京赛车PK10开奖直播历史记录 Product sales increased to 10 million units, access to good performance, occupied a certain market

2011 years

The company through the Rhine TS16949 quality management system certification, product delivery rate of 100%

2010 years

Into the market, began production of high quality parts and components products, annual sales of 30,000 sets

2009 years

BestLeader company set up in Mianyang, Sichuan

Development path

SiChuan BestLeader Automotive Parts Co , . Ltd .

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