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China 's brewing new policies and norms in China' s foreign auto parts business
Since the beginning of last year, the Ministry of Commerce has repeatedly said that the state will release the joint venture of the joint venture, the Ministry of Industry and Minister Miao Wei also
Research and development of new materials for automobiles
Chrysler develops new materials for the door anti-collision beam weight loss: As early as October 2013, Chrysler Motor Company invested 3.9 million to carry out a Canadian government-supported vehicle
Analysis on the Future Development Trend of China Auto Parts Industry
Not all products can do e-commerce, "said Mr. Deng, e-commerce engineer, only to establish a rigorous standard products to achieve online trade.For auto parts, for example, each product has a unified
China's automobile manufacturing industry is anxious to acquire professional skills
Nowadays, is the recruitment season, what career most popular? High income, high bonus to attract a lot of people rush. Looking at the streets of the car running, this is the focus, "the automotive in
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