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Analysis on the Future Development Trend of China Auto Parts Industry

2017/07/17 10:33
Not all products can do e-commerce, "said Mr. Deng, e-commerce engineer, only to establish a rigorous standard products to achieve online trade.For auto parts, for example, each product has a unified

Not all products can do e-commerce, "said Mr。 Deng, e-commerce engineer, only to establish a rigorous standard products to achieve online trade。For auto parts, for example, each product has a unified OEM code, both at home and abroad Parts and components buyers and sellers only need to say the code, will be able to negotiate across time and space。However, a car has tens of thousands of parts, the models, cars, brand standards are not the same, to establish a professional complete product database , The workload is very large, the need for a professional team for product standard entry, the accumulation of supply and demand information。Currently, auto parts e-commerce lack of network, computer and auto parts professional knowledge of the same。 Auto parts distribution e-commerce platform creators are mostly IT professionals Personnel, from the industrial entities。 These led to the development of auto parts e-commerce bottleneck。To date, the lack of large and domestic auto parts e-commerce platform, its development potential is enormous。

According to a statistical data show: 2012 China auto parts industry in the electricity business platform auto parts sales top ten China's auto parts business, its annual sales are exceeded billion mark, compared with the line under the Chinese auto parts business , About 15% higher. This data shows that: e-commerce platform has become China's auto industry to achieve economic growth in the main way. With the Alibaba, HC network, Dangdang and other e-commerce site model mature, more and more Internet users began to choose online shopping, so more industry pioneers began to test the water Internet. Tencent, Sina has launched a professional auto parts online trading platform, auto parts from the traditional auto parts trading model come to the fore, Cool distribution network has become a new milestone in the auto parts industry e-commerce.

In the "Pearl River Delta Regional Reform and Development Plan" published in December 2008, the priority development of modern service industry has become one of the important contents of the next round of development in the Pearl River Delta. E-commerce is an important part of building a modern service industry and a modern business One of the ways to improve the quality of products and services to improve the speed of service delivery, for the upgrading of the Pearl River Delta industry, are of great significance. Especially in the growing aftermarket, more need to escort e-commerce. Although the current online sales, the purchase of auto parts there are still many problems, but the auto parts network management is bound to the future trend of development, network operators have many advantages: online purchase of auto parts regardless of customers, distributors, or for auto parts Production enterprises, are a good thing. First of all, for auto parts manufacturers, the Internet can be more convenient to collect customers to buy auto parts in the process of the various problems mentioned, and timely feedback of these information to the auto parts manufacturers. Production enterprises can analyze the customer's purchase intention, so as soon as possible to produce in line with market demand for auto parts. This saves time and costs, but also grab the market opportunities. Second, the use of Internet information and convenient services, production enterprises can be informed of the accessories vendors inventory and sales, so as to adjust their own production and auto parts deployment plan. Auto parts vendors to reduce inventory, speed up the flow of funds, access to a more satisfactory income. For users, they can through the Internet, like "point menu" like the random selection of their own need for auto parts.

Market information is essential for auto parts manufacturers and sellers, and is easily accessible via the Internet. Internet auto parts vendors can provide manufacturers with real-time information on customers. This willingness to demand information can help manufacturers to reduce the cost of auto parts sales, and this cost will usually account for the final sales price of auto parts about 15%. If you count the promotional costs, then the proportion of this cost is even higher. In fact, the Internet can also play a certain role in advertising promotion. Previously, the salesman's distribution of auto parts in the total part of the best-selling, while the other part of the poor sales. The cost of some of the funds occupied by the slow-moving part of the share to be sold to the auto parts. Through the Internet, manufacturers and vendors can be timely to avoid the production and sale of poor sales of auto parts. More importantly, the Internet can also lead to a change in the concept of auto parts manufacturers, vendors and customers posted closer.

北京赛车PK10开奖直播历史记录 China auto parts industry, online and offline sales performance and the huge gap between the performance caused by the community's attention, the rapid rise of electricity providers can replace the traditional Chinese auto parts sales channels become controversial hot topic in the industry. China auto industry veteran expert Zhong Wei on this controversy has a unique view. Zhong Wei said that the electricity sales model and the traditional sales channels compared to the obvious advantages of electricity providers, the Chinese auto parts industry can take advantage of the huge advantage of the business platform to achieve the enterprise without geographical restrictions, high efficiency, all-round business Promotion, and quickly enhance the visibility of enterprises. At the same time, with the consumer consumption changes, through the electricity business platform to buy auto parts has been gradually popular, which also requires the Chinese auto parts industry to change the traditional sales model, power sales business, has become the inevitable trend of China auto parts industry development.

北京赛车PK10开奖直播历史记录 In the enterprise information construction to determine the ability of enterprise development today, China auto parts industry to promote the reform of electricity sales model will not only help to improve the overall level of development of the industry, but also for the improvement of China auto parts sales system has a huge role. It can be seen, as Zhong Wei said, to promote the development of China's auto parts business, not only the needs of the market, it is the industry's own development needs. So, electricity is the future of China auto parts industry inevitable trend.

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